Living in hotel rooms around the world for the last several years, I’ve been making music on my laptop as an outlet for my creativity. The result is Bansara. The music ranges from chilled atmospheres and meditative Bansuri playing to downtempo world-fusion dance grooves. The goal for this project is to explore the harmonization of the world’s great musical traditions (especially North Indian Classical music) with contemporary technology and methodologies. A strong undercurrent in the music is a love for the natural world and its diverse sonic offerings. Many percussion sounds began life as sticks, stones, birds, waterfalls, geysers, etc. recorded during nature hikes in exotic locations, then processed in Ableton Live.
Oki Sondakwa is a collaboration with my Cirque du Soleil bandmate, Canadian First Nations singer Sondakwa Christian Laveau. Over the course of the tour, we’ve been writing and recording new music and interpretations of traditional chants from his Wendat Nation. This music is heavily inspired by nature and indigenous cultures from around the world.

A studio collaboration between Joshua Geisler (bansuri flute and guitar) and David Ellenbogen (guitar) created in 2009. Acoustic Mandala Project explores lush raga-based harmonies tuned in just intonation. The music was designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing sonic space for your lifestyle.

In 2009, I traveled to Varanasi, India to study with 14th generation master musician Pandit Vikash Maharaj. For two months, I lived with my teacher and his family and my days were totally devoted to practicing Indian Classical music. It was a period of deep personal and creative exploration. At the end of the journey, we went into the studio and recorded this album in one take. With no overdubs or second chances, this recording is an honest document of a moment in time. It is a portrait of a guru and his closest disciples walking their Paths together.

This is a collection of older tracks that are centered around my bansuri flute playing.