“The new high performance bamboo flute arrived yesterday and I can’t seem to put it down. I’ve been playing it almost non-stop, except when eating or sleeping. I think you may have created the Stadivarius of bansuri flutes! The rich full tone, especially in the lower register, is amazing and there is no breathy sound like I experience with my other flutes.  I’ve tested the intonation with my Korg turner and your bansuri is right-on.  The mouth piece with the beeswax really focuses the stream of air to create a big sound, almost as if the flute is amplified.  I couldn’t be happier with the bansuri you sent. You are truly a master bansuri maker!  Thank you!”

– Norman Ernsting

“Mr Geisler’s flutes are easily the best in my flute repository. As an amateur flutist who typically plays for bharatanatyam arangetrams
typically set in G shruti, I needed bass flutes that didn’t over-power the vocalist and at the same time filled the a sonorous void in the background. Josh’s flutes have made all the difference in my concert playing experience. I have been often complimented on the flute’s tone in my concerts. But I know that a very big part of the tone is the work put in the flute maker. Highly recommended to aspiring flutists.”

– Partha Aji

“Josh is very knowledgeable about the acoustics of the bansuri flute and engineering the bamboo to achieve the desired pitch, volume and depth of sound desired. I asked Josh to make me a bass E flute and he was able to deliver a flute which fully met my expectations. It is one of my favorite flutes today and I whole-heartedly recommend his products to those looking to add a world class bansuri to their collection.”

– Hany ElDiwani

“Josh, I got it, and have just started blowing it. It’s a phenomenal instrument–deep, dark, rich sound, beautifully made…I can hear the “love” in the sound.  Just the sound I was looking for. Thanks so much.”

– Scott Shachter

“I received the flute in plenty of time to use it at the festival, and it great to have for that event!  You weren’t kidding,  the tone on this thing is huge.  The tabla and sitar player I play with noticed this and asked about it before they knew it was a new flute.  I also like how flexible the tone is, now that I’m getting used to it I can get a wider range of sounds out the low register than I can with my other flutes. Well done sir,  and thanks again.”

Daniel Chambo

Love !!! this instrument. Thanks so much. The two little resin bumps make getting the lips in the right position each time easy, and playing half notes is so much easier now so I really feel I moving into the subtle layers of the sound.

Robin Moore

I love the sound! In lower octave, it resonate beautifully. Sound is focused in the high octave. Compared to my other flutes, this is the best. I can play two and a half octave effortlessly.

Chuong Nguyen

Just got the flute today. OMG; So gorgeous! Rich harmonic content throughout the whole range. Thank you thank you thank you.

Charles Moselle