Bansuri Shop

Players looking for maximum volume, richness of tone, responsiveness, and range of expression will love my High Performance Bamboo Flutes. They can play anywhere from whisper quiet to penetrating and loud. By varying your blowing technique, you can also add as much or as little “airiness” to the sound as you want. Versatility is the name of the game.
I also make Traditional Bansuris. Based of the design of Pandit Raghunath Seth’s bansuris, these flutes have that beautiful haunting tone we all love. They are well crafted, perfectly in tune, and deliver the classic tone of the bansuri.

I started making bansuris during my first trip to India in 1999. When we were unable to find a sufficient instrument at the local music shops in Mumbai, my teacher, the great Pandit Raghunath Seth, well known in India for his innovations as both a bansuri player and flute maker, taught me his method of building them. I was immediately hooked and started making as many as I could. Raghunath Seth constantly encouraged and guided my efforts. Over the years, I have conducted many experiments. Eventually, by combining elements from different flutes of the world with a knowledge of the science of flute acoustics, I arrived at an innovative and unique high-performance design, which I use exclusively on stage and in the studio.

I believe that my skills as a performing artist make me a better bansuri maker. My bansuris are not finished when the holes are made; every one is play-tested and refined until it reaches its full potential. As a musician I know what I need an instrument to be capable of, and I make my bansuris to suit the music – not the other way around. For years, my bansuris were only available by word of mouth and were all custom commissions. Now I am making them available to everyone through this website. Due to my touring schedule, however, I can only offer them in limited quantities for now. To inquire or place an order, please contact me.

All of my bansuris are hand made from individually selected pieces of first-quality Assamese bamboo. They are tuned in just intonation according to the traditional Indian system with SA (the tonic note) played with 3 holes closed. I name my bansuris according to the notes they play with 6 holes closed and 3 holes closed. For example, a B/E flute plays B with 6 holes closed and E with 3 holes closed. This is to eliminate confusion, as different makers have different systems of nomenclature.