The Chromatic Bansuri

by Joshua Geisler

“Joshua Geisler’s ‘The Chromatic Bansuri’ is an innovative and important resource for anyone seeking to expand their proficiency on the Indian Bansuri bamboo flute. His clear and systematic approach to alternate fingerings opens up numerous possibilities for jazz and world music musicians as well as students of Indian music. I have found this book to be a significant complement to the traditional approach to the bansuri, and it is my pleasure to recommend it.” – Steve Gorn, bansuri virtuoso

The Chromatic Bansuri is a unique cross-cultural guide to learning the North Indian Bamboo Flute. Discover everything you need to know about bansuri technique so that you can play any style of music with the soulful and haunting sound of the world’s oldest musical instrument. Topics covered include:

Hand position
Tone Production

Fingering System

Find the best fingering for any scale, raga, arpeggio, or melody by understanding a few key concepts. Learn the most efficient way for the human hand to interface with the bansuri. More than 50 pages of exercises are given that lead from the beginning to the master level.

Indian Ornamentation

Study the Indian Classical ornamentation techniques Gamak, Meend, and Murki, as taught by Pandit Raghunath Seth.


Learn everything you need to know about playing in tune and how to bring the subtle beauty of Indian intonation practice into music with chord changes.

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147 Pages – $29.95

The Chromatic Bansuri
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